Ar great way to draw people to an event is to have a guest appearance from a celebrity. Tickets will be bought for an event just because people see their favorite celebrity is hosting, or appearing. Musicians, athletes, movie and television actors and actresses, social media influencers, and reality stars will all make appearances for a fee that will be more than made up by the number of people who buy tickets to see them. These celebrities will give your event an endorsement and “cool factor”.  Getting these celebs to make appearances can be as simple as contacting a talent agency . The agents will let promoters know what fee they can expect as well as the celebrity’s availability.

All events need hosts, and there are many great celebrities who can host events. Jamie Foxx has been a great host of several events including the MTV Music Video Awards and Saturday Night Live. Another option is Chris Jericho who has hosted his own huge event, Jericho’s Rock’n’Wrestling Rager at Sea,or start the event off with some laughs with a comedian like Jeremy Pivens.

Another great idea is to have surprise appearances from celebrities specific to an event. For an event on boxing, Floyd Mayweather, Mr. T, Sylvester Stallone, or Dolph Lundgren may be a good idea. For an outdoors event, survivalist Bear Grylls would be an excellent surprise guest. John Daly would get crowds excited at an golf event. Surprise appearances are great because they not only bring in more patrons who are anticipating and guessing who the surprise guest may be, but also, if a great guest is booked the crowd will be even happier than before. A happy customer is a good customer.

Another important piece for any event, is to have great music. Especially when considering international festivals, it is important to consider a DJ. There are many DJs to choose from throughout the world, in the US, the UK, and Europe. If booking in the UK it would be wise to consider a DJ booking agency in London. There are many great DJ’s that could be booked to either showcase or play in the background of an event. From Mad Professor to Fun Lovin Criminals, and from Yolanda Be Cool to The Keep Hush Cartel a great DJ can make or break an event. An event needs someone to break up the monotony of speakers and panels, and to interact with the host between segments. This DJ may even be able to spice up the reveal of a special secret guest if the event has one by playing a special intro song. The DJ simply adds a brand new dimension to the complexity of an event.

Booking an event takes lots of planning and work in advance, and then takes just as much work during the event to continue it running smoothly. Some of that work can be made easier through booking agencies to book a host, special guest, and DJ.

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