Mp3 format is the music file format that is a standard which is widely used all over the world because it is supported by every music listening device. The thing that makes the mp3 format so good than other video formats is because the users are more into listen songs while doing whatever they want to. The video songs have an importance to some extent. But, it could never overcome the importance of the audio or the telugu mp3 songs download because of the main reason to be able to listen the songs while doing exercise, cooking, travelling etc. It is just easy to listen than to watch and listen something.

The other reason which makes the mp3 format a better one than the video format is because of the size of the mp3 file. The mp4 format or any other video format comes with big size that takes a lot of space. The size of the mp4 or any other video format does vary with quality of the video. For example, a video songs with high definition quality will take more space than the normal three-sixty pixel video. If you increase the quality of the video the size of that file will increase which would take a lot more space in your host device. Due to this, many devices get slow while playing a lot of video songs. And, it also affects a lot on the battery timing too while the mp3 naa songs doesn’t affect the battery life of the host device. The user can listen to songs for minimum of eight hours depending on the battery of the device.


There is another reason that mp3 format is better than the video format songs because of its ability to be compresses in smaller sizes. This helps because having the ability to compress the file in small size will make it easy for the users to transfer the files on the internet. Users can simply upload and download songs on the internet without any complications. This is the reason why mp3 format is so widely used all over the world. This format comprises of good quality that is acceptable at the size of the file. Mp3 files can easily be shared on the internet.

So the users have a lot of options while downloading a songs in whatever format they want to choose. There are many formats that are better than the mp3 but they come up with huge size. If the user doesn’t have a problem with large size files than it should not be a problem for downloading that format without sacrificing the best quality. Most of the users have a problem with large size files. So for them mp3 format is the best option out there as it comes with small size files, appreciable quality and the ease to share it on the internet due to its compressed file size. It is all up to the users to check which format best suits for them as long as audio formats are concerned.

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